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About Us

About Route 50 Jewelry and Loan

Located just a few miles south of Washington DC in historic Falls Church Virginia, Route 50 Jewelry & Loan is a truly unique destination for all of your jewelry needs. We specialize in fine jewelry, diamond engagement rings and luxury timepieces. There are many retail stores in the DC metropolitan area that offer the same; however what makes our store so unique is the incredible value we offer in our prices. Our jewelry is of the utmost quality and since we are able to purchase our pieces for well under wholesale prices we are able to pass that savings and value to our customers.
Our jewelry selection is a such a wide range of special pieces you’re sure to find something that fits your style and your budget. Not only do we offer a beautiful showroom of jewelry for sale, but we also are professional jewelry, gold & diamond buyers as well.Which means we can offer trades and exchanges. Over the last 4  years we have become one of Falls Church’s best kept secrets! Visit our store and experience the difference.
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Gold Buyer Falls Church VA


Due to the latest economic struggles the price of gold and silver and platinum has shot through the roof. Now is a great time to sell all of your old broken or out of date jewelry. Don’t make the mistake that most people do by sending their jewelry to one of the large gold buyers that you see on TV. The Nationwide companies usually have many complaints and very rarely pay what your gold is worth. We pay the very most or all of your precious metals. Not only do we accept a jewelry but we also love gold bars and anything of value. People drive from all over the North Virgina to our store in Falls Church because we simply pay the most. We offer the most cash and make it a very stressful free and quick process. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to cash in both on these record high gold prices. Route 50 Jewelry and Loan Your one stop shop for Gold Buyers Falls Church VA


Luxury Watches Falls Church VA

Not only do we pay the most for your gold platinum and silver. But we also pay the most your luxury watch. We can give you a cash loan against your luxury time piece or you can pawn it our outright sell it. We always promise to give you the top dollar for your luxury watch and look for to adding your watch our wide variety of designer watches. If you’re looking to purchase a luxury watch then you have come to the right place. We always have the top name Brands from Rolex, Omega, Cartier Breitling and many more. Route 50 Jewelry and loan your one stop shop for Luxury Watches Falls Church VA

All of our loans are done in a discreet and pleasant environment. You can count on Route 50 Jewelry and Loan to give you top dollar with the lowest rates on any of your assets. We also love to loan against entire watch collections. We also offer appraisals on all of your luxury watches, before you purchase a Rolex bring it to us to make sure it’s not a knock off. Our staff is quite experienced and prepared to evaluate your watch and it’s complex movements. When planing to sell us your watch be sure to bring all the proper documentation and original box if you still have it available to you


Route 50 Jewelry and Loan Always Paying You The Most

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